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1300 Coastal Hwy, Dewey Beach DE

(302) 227-2610

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  • I most say I have been coming here for yrs. This restaurant has been very special to me that when my husband asked me to marry him we decided to just to do a small wedding. Most of my family has passed away and most of his is all around the world. So we had our wedding reception dinner on the roof there it was perfect! From the wine name place setting, to center pieces with the flowers. To having the view of the ocean on one side the bay on the other. Under the eve of a full moon with some of the most delicious food! I could not of asked for a better reception I wanted no stress and everything perfect that's why I choose Two Sea's and continue to Mr.&Mrs. Andor Short-Takacs

    Review of Two Seas Restaurant by Picotte on 2016-10-06 23:49:14
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